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Village Arms partners with agencies, non-profits and other groups to provide consulting and speaking services that raise awareness of – and help create solutions to – disparities in CPS.


Speaking topics address racial inequality in child welfare through content focused on historical trauma, referral bias and human decision-making as contributors to racial disproportionality. In our child welfare system, African American children have the highest rates of contact with the child protection system, are more likely to be assigned to a family investigation, have higher out of home placement rates, higher re-entry rates and are more likely to enter guardianship. Participants and audience members will learn about the disparities that overwhelmingly impact African American communities and strategize collectively to incite change.

Consulting Services

Village Arms staff members are available to serve as cultural advisors and policy consultants to social services professionals and service providers. Village Arms will work with you to give you the information, strategies, insights, ideas, and perspectives to reduce child welfare disproportionality, while achieving clearer lines of communication and cultural sensitivity.

Contact Village Arms for specifics on availability and rates for speaking and consulting services.

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