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African American children are over-represented in the child welfare system in every state in the country.

This over-representation raises concern about child welfare policy, practice, and service delivery to children and families of color. Research indicates that 23% of the children in foster care in 2019 were African American although they made up less than 14% of the total U.S. population. Once these children are in the custody of their states, they remain in these systems for much longer than Caucasian children do.

In Minnesota, as compared to White children:


African American children are over three times more likely to be reported to child protection for the same concerns.


African American and children of 2 or more races are 3-4 times more likely to be screened in for assessments and investigations.


African American and children of 2 or more races are removed from home at a rate 3- 5.8 times higher than white children.


The longer African American children remain in out-of-home care, the more they experience multiple moves in placement settings


African American youth are the largest population moving from child protection to juvenile detention.


Learn more about Village Arm's fight to pass the African American Family Preservation act and join us in our efforts here. Thank you!

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